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Here is a selection of testimonials that I have received from clients for my readings, spell work and one to one coaching sessions. Because of the nature of this work, names have been removed to protect client privacy and replaced with initials. 

"My reading was absolutely incredible. Joseph tuned into a few very specific things early on in my reading and answered some questions I had. During our reading he told me that he could see I had money "hidden" somewhere that I could claim, he told me where he saw it and he even told me that it was in a blue folder. He was very direct about me going to look through my filing cabinets straight after our reading. I did as he suggested and found an old pension policy from years ago that I was able to cash in after my birthday. I did so and received 10,000 from the policy. I am totally blown away and grateful. What an incredible gift." - K L

"I have been a regular with Joseph for the past year. His readings are very direct, to the point and accurate. His advice, guidance and insight has been incredibly helpful for me in making life decisions and moving closer towards my goals. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. - R. B

I recently received a reading from Joseph James and I am very pleased. Not only did he provide accuracy, but also left me with clarify and perspective on a serious issue I am going through now. He doesn’t ask leading questions before the reading so what you receive is a pure authentic reading. Thankfully, his warmth and kindness lead me to gaining more confidence in my decision and with hope that the future will be full of wonder and excitement once this pass. Thank you, Joseph James for clarity!!!! I highly recommend him for guidance in any situation you may need help with. -L B

"I loved "Spell work secrets to manifest your desires" and learned so much from it! my spell work feels much more natural and I am understanding how to make the changes I want to see in my life. LOVE IT!" - R. P

"I have been practicing my own magical practice for 8 years now and am always learning. Joseph's workshops really opened my mind to other ways of practicing magick. Highly recommended for new practitioners or long term ones" - A. M

"I have been practicing magic for a few years and felt a bit stuck. I joined "Spell work secrets to manifest your desires" and felt like I was reconnected to my magical self. My spiritual practice took on a whole new depth and I am getting results like never before. SO happy that I found you online! - C. D. 

"I went to Joseph for a reading about my house selling. No matter what I did, my house would not sell. During my reading, Joseph told me that the people who were saying they would purchase it were not honourable and would pull out last minute, which they did. He performed some spell work for me and gave me some tips about what to do at home. He then told me that the next people to enquire about the house would be the ones to buy. He told me he could clearly see the woman's Mother being the one who purchased it for them, which is exactly what happened. I am so grateful to have found him, I cannot recommend him and his amazing work highly enough! - S. K. 

"Always knowing that I had something in me but I couldn't quite figure it out. Your being was so clear it was as if you knew me for years. I am so excited for the road ahead of me and it's all because you opened my eyes to my full potential. Connecting with who I really am and having a good grounding sense on my spiritual life and next steps is what I need at this point in my life. Thank you ! I carry a print out of your reading with me wherever I go! XO. - B.M

"I had to let you know, after you finished the spell work for me, I feel lighter and more energised than I have in months and saw movement int he area we worked on after a few days...VERY happy!" - H.C. 

Wow...! Joseph is incredible. I can not thank him enough for the reading and spirit communication session.  I’d been feeling stuck and wanted to understand what I could do to help myself and get my energies going. Joseph finished my card reading and asked if I was open to some messages. I said a big fat yes...! He asked me if my father looked like Mr T... I laughed and said yes he does and sent  you tube clip of my father to confirm. Joseph them said he had messaged that he was being shouted at to pass on and if I was open to it we could go deeper .... I was like yeah man for sure. I’ve always had so many unanswered questions as my father left when I was 2yrs old. It had left me feeling a sense of abandonment, frustration anger frustration guilt bland and shame.

Joseph got very deep and passed on some very profound and specific messages for me. I asked questions my dad answered. My dad had messages for me that answered so many questions that had left me missing something all my life.

I trust Joseph so much,  he has such a good heart and is on the planet to help us all.... we spoke for oh my god I can’t remember how long. It was intense really intense this was deep rooted questions and answers I was receiving.... Wow what an experience... I have never in my life had a reading like that or a conversation with my father like that either. The more the reading went on the lighter I became. And the next morning. Well for the first time in my life I woke up with no anger or distraction towards my dad. No sense of abandonment for him leaving. No guilt blame or shame for being different.. I got myself back in the gym like never before

Since my reading, I feel stronger, happier and more confident in my being. Joseph changed my life in one reading... Thank you Joseph you have a special gift and I for one am happy you are choosing to share it... many blessings... 💝🌷💝🌷💝 - N. F. 

"I have had a few readings with Joseph and am always amazed at how specific  he is. If you want direct, to the point advice, guidance and insight into a situation, book a reading." - G.M

"During my reading, Joseph tuned into an experience form my childhood that I had never told anyone about. He delivered healing messages that helped me to understand the situation better and finally release it after years of keeping it to myself. I'm extremely grateful. R.M. 

"I have had a few readings and spell works done with Joseph and am always very pleased with the results. He has an amazing gift! - E.N

"Joseph is a powerful and gifted reader and spiritual worker. I have worked with him several times and am always very happy with the results. Not only is he very responsive to questions, he also gave me very clear instructions on what I could do at home to support the spell work as well" - C.B.