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Spell work secrets to manifest your desires - £18.99

Spell work secrets to manifest your desires is an easy to understand guide to creating powerful spells and rituals that will help you to make changes in your life and spiritual practice.

Whether  you are new to magick or have been practicing a long time, this book will teach you new ways to get better results from your spell work. 

Lesson 1: Spells and how they really work 

Lesson 2: Daily rituals for success 

Lesson 3: Setting clear intentions

Lesson 4: Creating Sacred Space 

Lesson 5: Working with your spirit guides and ancestors 

Lesson 6: Divination and magick

Lesson 7: Using candles 

Lesson 8: Creating powerful spells

Lesson 9: The power of your words

Lesson 10: Supporting your magick to create powerful results 

As soon as you purchase your copy, you’ll be instantly taken to the download page where you can instantly access the lessons and start learning powerful spell work lessons immediately.

Get your copy now for just £18.99

Here's what some of my students have to say:

"I loved "Spell work secrets to manifest your desires" and learned so much from it! my spell work feels much more natural and I am understanding how to make the changes I want to see in my life. LOVE IT!" - R. P

"I have been practicing my own magical practice for 8 years now and am always learning. Joseph's workshops really opened my mind to other ways of practicing magick. Highly recommended for new practitioners or long term ones" - A. M

"I have been practicing magic for a few years and felt a bit stuck. I joined "Spell work secrets to manifest your desires" and felt like I was reconnected to my magical self. My spiritual practice took on a whole new depth and I am getting results like never before. SO happy that I found you online!" - C. D. 

"Excellent course, the lessons were extremely to the point and helpful, this was exactly what I needed at this time. Thank you!" -M.M

"This book brought a huge amount of light into my life" - A.B.