This is a 3-5 day service that focuses on:

  • Opening avenues to your goal
  • Creating opportunities 
  • Smoothing the journey to achieving your goal

A road opener working is a great way to smooth the journey towards achieving your goal, creating new opportunities and getting clarity on next steps to take. 

I will take your petition and place it on my altar with a candle that has been dressed with oils and herbs associated with opening roads, creating opportunities and creating clarity around next steps for you. Offerings will be made to your spirit guides and ancestors and any appropriate deities.

This is a great working to purchase at the beginning of a new project or when working towards a goal, although it can still be used at any time. It smoothes the road you are on towards your goal. 

Once purchased please email me with your petition.

***This is a 3-5 day service, once it is finished I will send you photos, a report and next steps that you can take yourself.