This is a powerful 3-5 day working that focuses on:

  • Removing any negative energy and evil eye on you
  • Creating a strong and powerful aura of protection 
  • Removing negative influences 

If someone is sending you evil eye or negative energy or just being bitchy then this working is a great choice for you. A figure candle (to represent you) will be dressed with oils and herbs associated with protection, removing evil eye and negative influences and purification. Appropriate offerings are then made to your ancestors and protective spirits as well as Archangel Michael and any other appropriate deities to cover you in protective energy and deflect evil eye and jealousy. 

 This is a great, proactive way of dealing with negative energy and evil eye. 

Once payment is made, please send me an email on with your petition and name, date of birth and a photograph of yourself. Once your working is complete I will email you photographs of your working, a report and some next steps you can do to support the magick yourself.