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This is a 3 day working that focuses on:

  • Boosting self confidence 
  • Opening roads and opportunities for success
  • Drawing attention to your talents and abilities 
  • Creating an aura of success around you

Success starts with ho you think and feel about your self. Confidence, self assurance and self esteem all go along way in creating an aura of success that draws in the good you want. If you are about to embark on a new project or want to draw attention to your talents and abilities, this working is designed to do just that. This is especially good in cases where you are up against competition and want to stand out, boost your self confidence and create an aura of abundance and success around you. 

This working is also great at opening roads to success or maintaining them. 

Once you make the payment, please e-mail me on with your petition (intention) and a photograph of yourself and date of birth. 

Your petition will be written down and placed on my altar and the candles will be dressed with appropriate oils and herbs for self confidence, success and new opportunities.