I have created this mentoring program to help you get in touch with your personal power and ability to manifest the life that you want. 

When we are in touch with our inner power, we take proactive action towards our goals, we take excellent care of ourselves and we create epic magic that manifests in amazing ways. 

When we aren't in touch with our power, nothing seems to work, we feel like a victim and things just don't seem to go "our way"

The truth is, you have an infinite supply of power within you, all you need to do is learn to tap into it and harness it with daily practices and proactive steps. 

As well as 8 training modules (on both PDF and audio files) this mentoring program also includes:

  • 21 affirmaitons for personal power and success (E-book)

  • 21 ways to boost your personal power (E-Book)

  • A personal power ritual to use every morning

Here's what I will be teaching you over the 8 classes: 

Lesson 1: Reclaiming your power – Audio & PDF

  • Understanding personal power

  • How to call your power back to you

  • Disconnecting from things that drain you

Lesson 2: Building your power – Audio & PDF

  • Understanding what makes you feel powerful

  • Daily practice to build your personal power

  • How to connect with your power

Lesson 3: Protecting your energy – Audio & PDF

  • Daily rituals to protect your energy

  • Amulets, charms and recipes to use

  • How to protect yourself form jealousy, envy and evil eye

Lesson 4: Designing a fabulous life _ Audio & PDF

  • Magical goal setting

  • Designing a powerful and authentic life that makes you say WOW

  • Creating an action plan (Spiritual and practical) to GET THINGS DONE

Lesson 5: Powering up your magick – Audio & PDF

  • 7 Tips to boost your magick

  • 3 ways to give your spells more power

  • The secret to epic spells that manifest

Lesson 6:  Developing your intuition – Audio & PDF

  • Understanding intuition and how it works

  • A meditation to develop your intuition

  • Tips for getting in tune with your abilities

Lesson 7: Creating a proactive spiritual proactive – Audio & PDF

  • Creating a daily practice

  • The importance of spiritual maintenance work

  • Protecting the good you already have

Lesson 8  Practicing excellent self care – Audio & PDF

  • Setting up healthy routines for yourself

  • Using your magic to take care of your physical self

  • Honouring yourself and your needs

This course is currently only available to private mentoring clients