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Here are 21 affirmations that you can use to tap into your inner guidance and natural gifts.

I suggest listening to the whole recording in one go and then going back and repeating the affirmations with me and noticing which ones jump out at you as being the most helpful for you at this time.

You can use these as they are or change them to be in a language that feels comfortable for you.

It is my intention that this recording is helpful and meaningful for you.

Book a Harnessing Your Gifts guidance session

If you would like my help with developing your own gifts, then you can book a guidance session with me, we’ll cover practical and easy to follow ways that you can start tuning into your own unique gifts and abilities and how to apply them in your daily life and spiritual practice

This is your special time to focus on yourself and your gifts, you can ask me any questions you might have about how to work with your gifts and use them in your daily life or anything else that might come up for you.

This is an extremely focused session that will give you clear next steps that you can take to start developing your gifts and abilities in a way that is meaningful for you.

(You are also welcome to record our session so that you can go back and listen to it as much as you like)