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This 4 session, specialist program will give you powerful mindset coaching and practical business mentoring, advice and tips to:

  • Release limiting beliefs about yourself and money

  • Confidently position yourself for higher fees

  • Create multiple income streams in your business so you can earn more money whilst helping more people

  • Maintain strong and healthy boundaries with your clients

  • Stop over delivering and start promoting yourself and your work in a way that feels authentic to you

  • Package your services in a way that allows you to charge a lot more, whilst helping your clients in a much bigger way

  • Stop sabotaging your money goals and learn to move forward with confidence and ease

    Each session is a powerful mix of mindset coaching to help you release limiting beliefs about yourself, practical business mentoring to guide you through each lesson and done for you templates and examples to use in your own business right away.

You’ll also get access to powerful bonus materials that you can use to stop sabotaging your money goals, create more income from your current client and customer base and position yourself and your work in a powerful way.

Each lesson is delivered weekly via an audio call and a recording posted in the client centre for you to listen to at your convenience.

Here’s what we’ll be covering together:

Session 1 will be be delivered on October 7th at 7.30pm UK time.

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The way you think about yourself, affects everything that you do, especially when it comes to your business.

In session 1, were going to cover powerful mindset coaching to release limiting beliefs about yourself and money so that you can:

  • Feel comfortable and confident charging well for your time and energy

  • Set and maintain healthy boundaries with clients and customers

  • Own your expertise and see the money making opportunities that are right in front of you

Think of our first session as being like an immersion into your new way of life and business, we’re going to cover powerful ways that you can upgrade your thinking about yourself and money and confidently move forward towards your goals

I’ll coach you on owning your expertise so that you can comfortably charge well for your time and energy. We’ll also be covering setting and maintaining healthy boundaries with clients and customers and how to stick to them in firm but friendly and professional ways. We’ll also cover how to maintain boundaries with potential clients so that you don’t end up giving away free services and advice.

I’ve included some example replies that you can use in your own business which will help you set and maintain your boundaries in a firm, friendly and professional way.

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In our second session together, I’ll coach you on how to position yourself for higher fees so that you can feel confident, authentic and comfortable with raising your rates in a way that works for you.

I’ll coach you on:

  • How to highlight your credibility and experience in an authentic way that builds trust and confidence

  • 7 expert tips for positioning yourself and sharing your expertise without giving too much away

  • 3 things you must have in place so that you can charge higher fees with more confidence

In any industry, positioning is essential. Session 2 will teach you expert ways that you can position yourself and your business for higher fees in an authentic and comfortable way.
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Session 3 will show you powerful ways that you can create more ease and abundance in your business by creating multiple income streams, many of which can be created using the things that you are already doing!

Based on my best selling book, this session will teach you:

  • The importance of creating multiple income streams for your money goals

  • 5 crystal clear examples of different income streams and how to use them in your business

  • 10 creative strategies for adding additional income streams to your business

In session 3, I’ll coach you on creating multiple income streams in your business and share some clear examples that you can use in your own business right away.
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in our fourth session together, I’ll coach you on how to confidently raise your rates by creating different packages that help your clients and customers in an even bigger way and get you paid a lot more.

  • Getting into the mindset of raising your rates & letting your clients know

  • 3 done for you templates of how to package your services so that you can charge more (and help your clients in a bigger way)

  • 7 examples of what to add to your services to massively raise the value and impact

Session 4 will show you clear ways that you can raise your rates by creating high value packages and offers that help your clients and customers in a big way.

You’ll also get instant access to these bonus materials:

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To support you in making lasting changes that are meaningful for you, I’ve recorded this powerful mindset coaching workshop to show you 7 key ways that you can stop sabotaging your money goals and start aligning yourself and your actions and intentions.

There are many reasons why we self sabotage, especially when it comes to goals that are meaningful to us, this workshop will give you mindset coaching to help you ground ourself in your new money story and practical ways to reenforce the work we are doing together. You can listen to this any time you need a boost of confidence, a shot of motivation and a dose of laser coaching to get you on track so that your goals become your new normal.

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I’ve included this bonus class for you to show you 10 ways that you can generate more income with your current client and customer base.

You don’t have to have a huge following or e-mail list and you don’t need to waste a lot of time and energy chasing new clients when there are opportunities right in front of you to help your current audience in an even deeper way and generate more paydays for yourself at the same time.

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Whichever industry you're in, it's essential to stand out form the crowd in an authentic way so that you can reach your ideal clients and customers.

This book draws on over a decade in PR and business mentoring to show you practical ways that you can: Stand out from the crowd online, Highlight your credibility to your ideal clients ,Promote yourself and your work through the media ,Avoid common mistakes when dealing with press, How to negotiate payment for talks, interviews or appearances, Get your articles published on websites, Place media interviews with yourself without having to hire a PR firm
and much more.

Here are some clips from recent talks and workshops FROM MY MONEY, MINDSET & STRATEGY SERIES.

As .jpg
“The ULTIMATE business coach for serious entrepreneurs” - Under 30 CEO
I’d never really considered business coaching, I was, for the most part just bumbling along rather happily with my private therapy practise...but not maximising opportunities at all. Joseph has made me see my business from a different view point which has completely opened it up to so many other channels / ways of making money. I’m genuinely excited about growing my business for the first time ever. Full of ideas and encouragement, I would highly recommended Joseph James and his work.

Alison Hill, Therapist & relationship coach.
When I was struggling with inefficiency and feeling overwhelmed, Joseph’s coaching sessions transformed my mindset and business, not only making it more profitable for me but also 1000 times more enjoyable as well. I highly recommend his services!”

- Madame Pamita, International psychic, teacher and author of “Madam Pamita’s magical Tarot”
“Joseph gives really focused brilliant advice on how to move your projects forward. Whether it’s coaching re next steps or giving fierce PR strategy ideas, he is persistent in getting you moving and taking actions that make a trackable difference in your business. He is all about getting you to achieve your goals and getting your mindset right whilst being fun to work with. Using just one of his tips, I got a front page feature on a major website in 30 minutes.

Marysia Trembecka - Internationally touring artiste + creator of The Singing Psychic & Queen Of The F*cking World
Wow! Just wow. The first session with Joseph James and I am blown away. Total mindset evolution and game changer. Can’t wait for our next sesh! -

Nadia Sokalov, Intuitive coach
Wow! Just had a fabulous coaching call with Joseph today. Loved his insight and ideas for promoting my work. His guidance and help in setting some specific task goals and accountability is the push I need!

Tina Nies, creator of 40 day love fest.