I've created this course to show you practical and easy to follow ways that you can create more money and abundance in your life, whether you are self employed or work for a company, this course will show you how to adjust your mindset to accept greater prosperity and abundance into your life, let go of limiting BS beliefs that have been keeping you stuck and powerful ways to use magic and daily practices to attract more clients and income into your life. 

Over 7 lessons you will learn powerful and practical strategies that are easy to follow and implement into your daily life. Youll

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Class 1: Understanding money magic and how it really works

  • The biggest mistakes to manifesting money

  • How money and career magick actually works

  • The correct attitude to have when doing money and prosperity magick

Class 2: Your money mindset

  • How to let go of limiting, BS beliefs that have been keeping you stuck

  • How to align yourself with an abundance mindset

  • Reframing limiting beliefs from childhood that are keeping you stuck

Class 3: Creating a powerful vision for yourself

  • Creating a fresh, empowering new vision of yourself

  • Getting clear on what you REALLY want

  • How to see yourself as abundant, prosperous and successful

Class 4: Powerful money affirmations

  • Creating powerful money affirmations that are meaningful to you

  • Daily practices to use them

  • The secret to manifesting your affirmations

Class 5: Daily practices to attract prosperity

  • Creating a daily, focused prosperity ritual

  • Tips to protect your current prosperity

  • A template for a morning and evening prosperity ritual that you can use

Class 6: Attracting more clients and sales

  • Powerful spell tips to create more sales

  • Rituals to maintain sales and income

  • How to enchant your marketing materials to attract ideal clients

Class 7: Creating powerful money spells

  • Powerful ingredients to include to attract abundance, prosperity and money

  • How to write powerful prosperity spells that suit your needs and goals

  • Tips to give your prosperity magick some extra strength and power

To support you in our work together, I am also gifting each person who joins this course:

  • BONUS Class : Practical business strategies to increase your income

  • A copy of "21 practical ways to increase your income"

  • A copy of 21 affirmations to for money and wealth

This course is currently only available to private mentoring clients