During Mercury retrograde, we have a fabulous window of energy available to us that can help us to make profound changes in our lives.

As the energy is so intense, it can often bring up a lot of issues to the surface that need to be cleared in order for us to manifest our desires.

Many people experience feelings of:

  • Miscommunications & taking things personally

  • Technology issues

  • Anxiety / overwhelm

  • People from the past coming back

  • Delays to projects and manifestations

But it doesn’t have to be like this at all.

Mercury Retrograde is like a teacher showing us things that need healing, releasing and working on so that we can manifest the lives that we want.

Instead of simply being swayed by Mercury retrograde and hoping for the best, let’s get proactive and use this powerful time to our advantage!

I’ve created a Mercury retrograde support package to give you support and guidance and practical steps that you can take the make the most of this powerful time whilst minimising many of the common side effects of this time.

Here’s what your Mercury retrograde package includes:

21 affirmations for mercury retrograde audio and pdf

I’ve recorded 21 powerful affirmations that you can listen to and use during Mercury retrograde to help ease the common side effects and tap into this powerful energy to manifest your desires.

1 x copy of 7 ways to use mercury retrograde to your advantage and manifest like a boss (audio)

These 7 powerful lessons will give you clear and easy to follow ways that you can use Mercury retrograde to let go of things that no longer serve you, heal and release the past and use this time to manifest like a boss.

1 x Spell work secrets to manifest your desires (ebook)

 You’ll also receive a copy of my book (my gift to you) to give you powerful lessons in manifesting that you can se as well.

Your petition added to my Mercury retrograde group service 

Your petition will be added to a group candle service, dressed with an appropriate condition oil and prayed over, giving you strong and powerful energetic support during this time.

The price for this package is only £47, as son as you purchase it, you’ll be given instant access to the materials.


Add a 30 minute Skype reading / guidance session to your package and get personalised support, guidance and coaching.