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In early 2019, I took content from some of my best selling business coaching programs and workshops and had them turned into a collection of Kindle downloads called Money Mentoring with Joseph James.

You’ll find practical, easy to follow advice, guidance and strategies for creating more income in your business, getting organised and focused, promoting yourself and your work like a pro and manifesting like a BOSS.

I suggest checking in with yourself and your goals and seeing which Kindle book appeals to you most at this time.

33 income streams is great for showing you practical ways you can increase your income, Manifest like a BOSS is a fabulous way to let go of limiting beliefs and step into your personal power, 21 ways to get organised and focused will do exactly that and if you’re looking for expert advice on growing your audience, then you’ll want to go for 33 expert ways to position yourself and promote your work.

Click HERE to go to my Amazon page and download his kindle collection.