Imagine, creating more ease and freedom in your life while helping a lot more people with what you do.

In this training program, you’ll learn quick and easy ways that you can up level your money mindset, upgrade your income and design a lifestyle and business that suits you.

Whatever business you are in, you’ll learn powerful ways to up level your money mind set, create different income streams in your business and leverage your time and income to create more ease and freedom.

This course is for you if:

  • You are a heart centred entrepreneur who wants to take things to the next level

  • You have an abundance mind set and want to up level your life and business

  • You have a service or product that really helps people

  • You are ready to take action and invest in yourself

  • You want to create more ease and freedom in your life

  • You want to set bigger money goals and create a plan to achieve them

As well as 5 training modules this course also comes with 2 QA coaching calls and tonnes of Juicy, detailed handouts, examples and templates for you to use right away in your own business and 2 bonus training programs for you: 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

module 1: Up level your money mindset 

  • Removing abundance blocks

  • Stepping into higher self worth

  • Upgrading your life and business

  • Releasing resistance to sales and promotion

  • Done for you handouts: Upgrading your money mindset checklist, reframing sales and promotion PDF

Module 2: Setting income goals 

  • Clarifying what you want your income to be

  • Setting goals that feel authentic, exciting and empowering

  • Giving yourself permission to step into a bigger version of yourself

  • Done for you handouts: Income goal template, goal setting tips sheet

Module 3: Creating an income plan 

  • Creating a step by step plan for your income goals

  • Putting together a marketing calendar for your business

  • Keeping track of your goals in a fun and easy way

  • Done for you handouts: Income plan for your business, Marketing schedule for your services

Module 4: Setting healthy money boundaries 

  • Getting comfortable charging for your time

  • Learning to say no

  • Setting healthy boundaries with clients and potential clients

  • How to handle “free consultation” requests

  • Done for you handouts:: Client boundaries document template, boundaries checklist

Module 5: How to charge more for what you do 

  • What to add to your services so that you can charge more with ease

  • Creating high value packages that help your clients in a big way

    Step by step guide to raising your rates comfortably and with ease

  • Done for you handouts: Packages template, what to add to your services to charge more checklist, example e-mail to send about your new rates

Bonus coaching audio & tapping meditation 1: Changing your money story with ease

Bonus coaching audio & tapping meditation 2: Releasing the need for things to be perfect

Bonus coaching audio & tapping meditation 3: Generating fabulous money making ideas

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