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Welcome !

I’m so proud of you for taking this powerful step in your life and business.

You’ve sent a powerful signal to the universe that you are choosing to step up in your life, to up level your money mindset and upgrade your income.

To get started, I suggest listening to the bonus audios and taking action on the assignments given before the course officially starts

Coaching audio 1 is all about upgrading your money story! I’ll share powerful coaching tips that you can use to let go of limiting beliefs and start taking action in line with your goals and intentions.

To support you in upgrading your money story with ease, I’ve created a special tapping meditation for you to use. I suggest using this every morning for at least 30 days, especially as you are in the process of up levelling your thinking.

A final note, I suggest getting yourself a special note book for this coaching program that you can use. Before listening to the audios, get yourself something refreshing to drink and create a nice environment for yourself. This is your sacred time.

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