I’ll show you step by step, how to design, market and price your services, readings and offerings (both in person and virtual) in a way that creates a huge change in your clients life and a big change in your income as well so you can begin serving clients in a much deeper way whilst creating new, exciting and profitable income streams in your business.

Imagine helping your clients in ways that are meaningful for you and life changing for them whilst creating a big income boost for yourself and your family.

This income acceleration day is about massively boosting the value that you offer your clients and creating different income streams in your business so that you can easily help more people whilst making more money doing what you love.

You’ll learn:

  • How to turn your readings, spell work services and healings into packages that deliver huge benefits to your clients

  • How to price your healing services in a way that makes a huge difference for your income

  • How to promote yourself in a way that feels easy and natural to you

  • Different ways you can create digital products for your clients to use (and how to promote them)

  • Strategies for creating bursts of meaningful income when you want to create it

Too many people struggle to make money with their readings, root work and healing services and it’s time to change that. The truth is, you deserve to be richly rewarded for helping others create big changes in their lives.

You might be feeling overwhelmed or wondering what steps to take to make the changes that you want, so I’ve taken the guess work out of it for you. This strategy day also comes with dozens of templates, examples, tips sheets and done for you documents to take away all of the guess work and confusion.

Let it be easy for you to give your income a massive boost whilst having more time to do things you love. You’ll have done for you templates for packages, pricing guides, ebook and e-course templates that you just need to fill in, promotional plans as well as pre written e-mails that you can change into your own wording to help you get featured on websites to promote yourself.

You don’t need a big e-mail list

You don’t need lots of expensive and confusing technology (I ran my first course from my phone and laptop)

You don’t need to have years of business experience, you can just use the templates and examples that I’ll give you- just focus on doing the work you love

Your day will consist of 5 private 45 minute Skype sessions with me as well as 2 follow up sessions to be used any time in the 90 days after our time together.

You’ll also come away with clear and easy to follow next tips to implement what we cover as well as done for you templates, lists and examples to use in your own business as well.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Session 1: Mindset (45 minutes)

  • Getting comfortable charging what you are worth 

  • Letting go of the belief that you can’t or should make good money doing spiritual services

  • Setting income goals for yourself

  • Communicating the value of what you offer 

  •  Getting comfortable charging what you are worth

  • Positioning yourself and your work 

  • Being an example to your clients (this is a big one!)

Session 2: Pricing your services (45 minutes)

  • How to know what to charge

  • Done for you pricing template that you can use on your website

  •  Getting clear on what you want o be charging

  • 7 tips to increase your prices easily

  • How to increase the value of what you are offering your clients 

  • Setting prices that are comfortable for you

  • How to describe your services in a way that sells

Session 3: Creating packages  (45 minutes)

  • How to create high value packages for your clients that help them in a big way

  • Includes done for you package templates

  • What to call your packages

  • How to create packages that your clients and customers really want and need

  • Putting together packages that stand out

  • Mistakes to avoid when creating packages

Session 4: Creating digital products (45 minutes)

  • Ideas for digital products list 

  • Done for you products templates 

  • Pricing your products guide

  • Done for you “promoting your products” template & tips sheet

  • Tips for naming your products

Session 5: Promoting yourself  (45 minutes)

  • Taking the overwhelm out of promoting yourself and your business

  • PR tips for getting featured on websites for free (Includes done for you “what to say” e-mail examples to use)

  • How to find your natural promotion style that feels easy and fun for you

  • Done for you promotion schedule template 

  • Easy to follow steps for promoting your services

  • Newsletter / sales strategies 

You will also receive:

1 x 21 powerful income streams for your lifestyle business

1 x 21 easy and authentic ways to promote your services 

1 x 21 business practices to organise business

1 x 30 minute call after our day together to check in

1 x 30 minute “as needed” call for feedback, ideas or additional coaching

Access to my Manifest like a boss program

If you would like to discuss an income acceleration day and if it is right for you, please e-mail me on info@josephjamesmentoring.com and I will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.