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Harnessing Your Gifts: How to develop your psychic and spiritual gifts and use them in your daily life.

I’ve created a course to show you clear and easy to follow ways that you can start to use to:

  • Understand your unique set of gifts and how they work

  • Develop your intuition and get clearer messages

  • Increase your ability to manifest things in your life

  • Put these gifts to use in your daily life

Whether you are brand new and not sure where to start or already use your intuition and abilities but would like to learn how to boost your readings and abilities, this course will show you how. 

Here’s what you will learn (plus the bonus gifts and training materials)

Pre course:  30 minute guidance session.

This is your special time to focus on yourself, harnessing your abilities and getting advice, guidance and support with your psychic development. You can also use this time for  a reading if you like. 

Private Facebook mentoring group

You'll be able to connect with like minded people, view exclusive content form me that is only available to members of this group and

Lesson 1: Understanding and tuning into your gifts

  • Understanding the different types of gifts there are

  • How to get clear on what your gifts are

  • Identifying your unique strengths

Lesson 2: Tuning in to your abilities and intuition in a clear way

  • How to tune into your intuition in daily life as well as in readings

  • How to open yourself up for psychic messages

  • How to receive messages in ways that feel right for you

Lesson 3: Connecting and working with your spirit guides

  • The keys to connecting with your spirit guides

  • How to be open to their messages

  • Daily practices to connect with your guides

Lesson 4: Protecting your energy during readings and in daily life

  • Managing your energy during readings

  • How to avoid absorbing other peoples energy if you are highly sensitive

  • Protecting your energy at work

Lesson 5: Setting boundaries with your readings and psychic work (with clients, friends and family)

  • Getting comfortable charing for your psychic work and readings

  • How to deal with family or friends asking for readings for free and how to politely and lovingly assert new boundaries

  • Releasing any guilt around charging for your psychic work

Lesson 6: Boosting and improving your readings and their accuracy

  • How to access clearer messages for yourself or your clients

  • The key to removing doubt and worry with your readings

  • What to do before a reading to receive clearer messages that are helpful and meaningful

Lesson 7: Developing more confidence and trust in your abilities and readings

  • How to trust the messages you are getting

  • Tips for having confidence in your intuition and readings

  • How to resist the urge to "prove" your gifts

Lesson 8: Creating a spiritual practice that works for you

  • Developing a spiritual practice that uses your natural gifts

  • Using your gifts in daily life

  • Putting it all together and harnessing your gifts to make life decisions

As soon as you join, you will be added to a private Facebook group which has exclusive content and resources, sent a welcome pack from me and also some bonus goodies to get you started!

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to e-mail me on***