I've put together a few of my most frequently asked questions as well as some helpful tips for making the most of readings and spiritual work that you might have done. 

Free consultations

I am available for free consultations, this does not mean free readings or spell work. It means I will suggest the best product or service for your situation and goal. I am happy to offer advice via e-mail or my Instagram page but please make sure that you use Google first, I receive a huge amount of e-mails and want to make sure that I am able to help people. Also, please note that I only reserve appointments once payment has been received in full. I do not work for free, in the same way I would not suggest that you do either. If you contact me about services or spell work please be aware that I charge for them and that payment must be received in full before any work will be started. This also ensures that there is a fair exchange of energy, that you are serious about your goal and have respect for my time as well. 

When you book

When you book a reading or some spell work with me, I will always aim to reply to you the same day to confirm your booking and let you know when you can expect to receive your reading or when I am able to start your spell work for you. Due to my schedule and the fact that I have a day job, please allow up to 24 hours for an e-mail acknowledging your booking. 

Once your reading has been completed, you will receive an email with a photo of your reading as well as the reading itself, a summary of the messages received and any next steps that you can take yourself. 

Once your spell work is complete, I will e-mail you 3-5 photos of the working from beginning to end as well as a description or the items used in the working, any messages received and next steps that you can take to support the working yourself. 

How long until I can expect to see results

There are a lot of things that can and will affect the results that you will get from your spiritual work and how long it will take you to see the results that you want. your current circumstances are the result of everything you have said, thought and done up until this point so it can take time and energy to change them, both from your side and from mine. 

Generally, you should start seeing positive signs within 3 days, more movement within a few weeks and bigger signs of movement within a month. Please don't obsess or worry about the spiritual work not working, this will only slow things down more. 

Taking a proactive approach

When having spiritual work done, it is essential that you are also taking full responsibility for your own well being and success. it is essential to make sure that you are also taking physical action that is in line with your goal as well as spiritual practices as well. Of course, things happen out of the blue and there are always situations that might come up which throw you off but the most effective form of magick comes from a proactive place rather than leaving things until the last minute and then panicking. 

Things that affect the success of your work

There are so many things that affect the results from spiritual work. In an ideal situation, spiritual work should be done to support work that you are already doing yourself- both physically and spiritually. Other peoples free will, planetary issues (like mercury retrograde) as well as different things gong on in the world can also have a huge affect on things and how they manifest. 

Your own actions and behaviours play a HUGE part in how your spiritual work will manifest. For example, if you hire me to do a money and prosperity working for you but then spend all day on the sofa complaining about having no work then you are sabotaging the spell, to get the best results from spell work, always take action in line with your goal and as much as you can, do spell work on your end as well. If you are unsure of what to do yourself, 

Physical action towards your goal is essential and so is the way you think. When having spiritual work done, think of booking the service as an investment in a change for yourself and make the most of it. Use affirmations to support the goal, write out a plan of physical actions that you can take that are in line with the goal, think in supportive ways- Use the affirmation "My magic is manifesting powerfully in ways that make me very happy, and so it is"

If you find yourself overly worrying or obsessing, use that affirmation, go and take some physical action towards the goal or perhaps ask yourself "How would I now be acting If this spell work had already manifested?" 

Also, try not to talk to many people about the work you are doing or having done until it has fully manifested.

Supporting the work yourself

As I've already said, the most powerful thing you can do when having spell work performed for you is to do everything you can to support the work yourself as well. Having someone perform spell work for you should support your own efforts, not replace them. 

I've been practicing magic and doing readings for over 18 years now and I can tell you that the most powerful manifestations that I have ever seen for myself and my clients is when it is supported both ends. 

If you have any questions about working with me or would like to know which service is right for you please e-mail me at josephjamesmagick@gmail.com