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This is a 3-5 day working that focuses on:

  • Drawing in an ideal partner 
  • Creating new opportunities to meet someone
  • Improving feelings of self love and self esteem
  • Creating an attractive and loving aura around you

If you are looking to create more love in your life, this working is designed to help you do just that. Your petition is placed under a pink candle and then dressed with oils and herbs associated with: attraction, love, romance, self esteem and self love. 

When it comes to drawing in love, you always want to do so from a healthy and balanced place. Great ways to support this working are: Writing a list of your ideal partners attributes, practicing self care, releasing negative and limiting beliefs about yourself and putting yourself out there in places that represent your ideal partner as well. 

Once payment is made, please e-mail me on with your petition and full name, date of birth and a photograph if you like. 

***Once complete, I will e-mail you photographs of the working, a spell work report and some enxt steps that you can do to support the work yourself***