This is a fully customised working designed especially for you. 

All spell work is completely customized for your unique situation and goals.

I will choose the appropriate type of candle for your situation and dress it with herbs and oils to suit your needs. 

Your petition will then be placed on my altar and offerings made to the appropriate deities along with your spirit guides and ancestors. 

As part of your working I will also make a customised incense blend to burn during your working and a herbal mix to dress your candle with. 


Once your spell work is complete you will be sent 5 photographs of your working as well as a candle report and mini reading to let you know how the spell went and if there are any messages for you. 

All of my spell reports come with next steps to take as well. 

This is a great working to choose if you have a specific goal you are working on or your situation is a little complex and you would like a spell designed especially for you. 

Once you purchase this spell work option, please e-mail me with your petition / situation and I will let you know my

Once payment is made, please send an e-mail to with your petition, your date of birth and a photograph of yourself.