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“I easily attract ideal clients”

Why working for free is NOT the way to build your business.

Many people fall into the trap of believing that they have to work for free whilst they build up their experience and knowledge in an area. This is probably one of the worst habits to get into, especially when it comes to building your business.

Here’s why.

You need to get comfortable charging for your time. If you want to attract more money into your life and meet your income goals then you need to get comfortable charging for your time and services.

Release the idea that its awkward or uncomfortable to talk about your fees or to charge for your time and services, it really isn’t.

You are in business to help people and to create a lifestyle that works for you. You can choose a cause that is close to your heart and donate time, money or services every month or choose a pro bono client as a way of giving back

Clients take work they pay for more seriously

One of my private clients is a personal trainer, and recently told me about his frustration around giving friends free sessions and how they didn’t seem to take them seriously. He felt like his time and energy weren’t being appreciated.

Have you experienced something like this?

We coached on this and I explained that people take things seriously when they invest in them and that it’s actually better for the client if they pay for your time and services, it creates a better energy between the two of you and also means that they are much more likely to take the work you are doing seriously and benefit from it.

You deserve to be well paid for what you do

If you are good enough to be working with, then you are good enough to be paid for your time. It’s as simple as that.

You deserve to be well paid for what you do and to feel comfortable charging for your time like any other professional does.

The best experience in business is real time

Working for free isn’t actually good experience because it’s not work being done in a professional or formally agreed setting, it often gets a bit messy and confusing and one person usually benefits a lot more than the other.

When you are building your business, it’s important to get into good business habits from the start. Not only for yourself and your income, but for the clients you are going to be working with as well.

You can set rates that you are comfortable with and adjust them as you grow in confidence and experience.

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