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“I give myself permission”

Maintaining healthy and clear boundaries is essential when running a business, especially one where you are doing work with clients like coaching, consulting or training of some kind.

Not having clear boundaries can leave you feeling drained and resentful and actually sets a bad example for your clients. When you have healthy boundaries and honour them, you will naturally attract clients who respect them as well.

Here are 3 coaching tips for maintaining healthy boundaries with your clients and potential clients.

Create a money boundaries list…and put it somewhere you’ll clearly see

One of the things I do with my private coaching clients is to get them to create a boundaries list.

Take a few minutes and write out what your boundaries are. For example, how many questions are you comfortable answering on social media for free? How closely do you want to stick to agreed session times? 5 minutes is usually a good amount of time to be flexible with depending on the nature of your work.

Write these down and get clear, you can have this next to your laptop or put it somewhere that you will see every day.

Have a firm and comfortable response planned

Once you are clear on your boundaries, it’s important to honour them both for yourself and for your business. Money flows easily to you when you set and maintain healthy boundaries.

If you get asked for free services you can create what I like to call a firm and comfortable response.

Firm because it clearly outlines what your boundaries are and comfortable because its phrased in a way that feels good for you and honours what your personal and professional boundaries are.

Here’s an example:

That’s a great question, we can certainly go into that in more depth during a formal session, giving you focused time to focus on this topic, here’s a link to book


You can also do this with services, products or programs.

Manage your boundaries and energy

Once you are clear about your boundaries and what feels good for you, you’ll be able to avoid feeling drained.

Give yourself permission to manage your energy and boundaries in a way that works for you. If you find it difficult to stick to agreed session times, then you can politely start to wrap the session up about ten minutes before the end time- if you leave it too late it can feel uncomfortable and rushed and you are more likely to go over time.

You can learn more about maintaining healthy boundaries with you work in my program “33 powerful income streams for your lifestyle business” it’ll give you powerful mind set coaching and business mentoring for creating multiple sources of income in your business so that you can design a lifestyle that works for you.

Here’s an affirmation for you to use as your screen saver or on your social media to remind you to set and maintain healthy boundaries.