This is a powerful, 5-7 day working that focuses on:

  • Removing obstacles to your goal or desire
  • Dissolving delays
  • Presenting solutions to your goal

If things keep getting in the way of you goal and you are tired of delays and obstacles keeping you feeling stuck, this working is for you. 

I will take your petition and place it under a glass blockbuster candle that has been anointed with herbs and oils designed to remove blockages, delays and obstacles and speed up the results that you want. I will also burn palo santo around your working to purify the energy and remove any stagnant energy around it. Offerings will be made to the appropriate deities and to your ancestors and spirit guides to help with this working. 

Once payment has been made, please e-mail your petition to


***This working takes around 5-7 days to complete. Once it is finished i will send you photos of the working, a report and some next steps that you can do to support it yourself***