I love helping my clients to create multiple income streams in their business, up level their money mindset & play big in their life and business in a way thats meaningful for them.

I have over a decades experience working with business owners and advising brands, both personally and via agency bookings, private mentoring and group coaching programs.

In the last decade I have:

  • Written and thought over 12 courses on business, mindset and income streams

  • Launched a Kindle collection called Money Mentoring with Jospeh James

  • Built up a successful private practice with clients in 4 countries

  • Consulted for and worked on campaigns (via agency bookings) for a number of Global brands including: YouTube, Ford, BT, Huawei, Samsung, Jaguar, Moet, Singapore Airlines, Albert Kennedy Trust, I-Tunes music festival

  • Been called “The ULTIMATE business coach for serious entrepreneurs” by Under 30 CEO

My coaching practice is based on a no BS approach to helping clients move through their limiting beliefs and stepping into their big vision.

I base my client work on three main philosophies:

  1. If your advice is worth asking for, it’s worth paying for

  2. You deserve to be well paid for your time and energy

  3. The things that are obvious for you can be life changing for your clients and customers when packaged correctly.

I offer customised coaching and mentoring packages to suit your specific situation and goals, please click here if you’d like to enquire about working together privately on your business and goals.

If you have any questions at all about which product, program or coaching package is right for you and your goals, please e-mail info@josephjamesmentoring.com

Mindset coaching & business strategy books on Kindle

In mid 2019, I took content from a number of my best selling courses and programs and had them turned into a series of business coaching books for Amazon called “Money Monitoring with Jospeh James” You’ll find practical, easy to follow advice on growing your business, creating multiple income streams, getting organised and focused and some of my best advice and guidance on promoting yourself and your work like a pro. Click HERE to check out my Kindle collection

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As well teaching courses and workshops, I also speak on a number of topics including:

  • Money mindset

  • Creating multiple income streams in your business

  • Promoting yourself and your work in an authentic yet powerful way

  • Motivating your team to align with your companies vision

    If you’d like to discuss a private workshop for your team or a private consulting day, please email info@josephjamesmentoring.com for rates and availability