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I’ve created this powerful audio program to help you attract money and ease in your life and business using the power of affirmations.

I’ve divided the program into 3 parts for you:

Part 1: Releasing blockages and resistance

Part 2: Claiming the moment and ease that you want

Part 3: Staying in a high vibration & taking inspired action

You can use these powerful affirmations as part of your daily practice to get yourself into a high vibration (which is the perfect state to manifest in!) and take inspired action towards manifesting your goals and designing a lifestyle that suits your goals.

This program includes:

21 powerful affirmations for manifesting money (audio)

21 powerful affirmations for manifesting money (PDF)

21 Powerful affirmations for manifesting money screen savers

You can get instant access to this program for only £47

As soon as your order is received you’ll receive an e-mail with access to the program and bonus materials