Below you’ll find a brief overview of who I am and the services that I offer to help you grow your business, achieve your goals, and play BIG in a way that is meaningful for you.

Drawing on over a decades experience advising brands and working with private clients and groups, I love helping my clients to play big in their life and business by:

  • Packaging their experitse into solid offers

  • Creating multiple income streams in their business 

  • Creating solid stratgies that feel exciting and doable for them.

  • Showing how to charge more for their services while providing even more value for their clients and customers.

  • Up levelling their money mindset and letting go of limiting beleifs about themselves 

  • Position themselves and their work in a way that highlights their credability and speaks to their ideal clients 

For information on products or programs or to enquire about private coaching packages please e-mail

Lets get started

Firstly, I suggest subscribing to Money, Mindset & Strategy podcast where you’ll find no BS advice for growing your business, up levelling your money mindset and upgrading your income.

Next, take a look at my Money Mentoring with Joseph James collection on Amazon, notice which titles jump out at you as bing the most helpful for where you are in your business right now. You’ll find practical, easy to follow advice, guidance and strategies for creating more income in your business, getting organised and focused, promoting yourself and your work like a pro and manifesting like a BOSS.

I suggest checking in with yourself and your goals and seeing which Kindle book appeals to you most at this time.

33 income streams is great for showing you practical ways you can increase your income, Manifest like a BOSS is a fabulous way to let go of limiting beliefs and step into your personal power, 21 ways to get organised and focused will do exactly that and if you’re looking for expert advice on growing your audience, then you’ll want to go for 33 expert ways to position yourself and promote your work.

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For business tips, news on speaking appearances and workshops, please follow me on Instagram at JosephJames_official

Customised Coaching & mentoring packages to support your goals

Private coaching and mentoring is your time to get customised, expert coaching and mentoring for your business and income goals.

I offer a number of coaching & mentoring packages to support your goals from half and full day intensives to longer term coaching and mentoring programs, your sessions are fully customised to suit your specific needs and goals.

You’ll get solid, practical business strategies and mindset coaching to help you take your business to the next level, whatever that looks like for you.  Each session will have a clear agenda to it and you’ll be fully supported with accountability and check ins between your session times.

As a private client, you’ll also receive access to an exclusive library of workshops, training programs and done for you materials to use in your own business.

I love taking excellent care of my clients, so you’ll also receive a new client welcome pack with some goodies in there as well, including access to my Making Money mentoring program and my “Money Mindset Bootcamp” program as well.

If you’d like to discuss private coaching and mentoring to support your goals, please fill out this form here OR E-MAIL INFO@JOSEPHJAMESMENTORING.COM